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Dear Moms everywhere...

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

To the moms out there who need to hear it's not just her:

Her family is her life. She runs around helping everyone else and enjoys it but sometimes feels overwhelmed, tired and does not take enough time to remember herself. She might also feel guilty taking the time to care for herself. Others see she is worth that time but she keeps moving forward, using all of her spare time and energy taking care of other people’s needs and just needs to be reminded that it is okay to just do something for herself.

The kids are in school but all have busy sports and studying schedules. She wants to take care of her house and spouse but feels there is never enough time in the day or enough of her energy to go around. This makes her feel guilty that her house is not picture perfect, magazine worthy and everything is in the right spot. She counts her blessings and knows she has a good life but sometimes is just TIRED because she sees those things that are not perfect and out of place and feels if she just takes another moment then maybe…

She needs to give herself permission to relax and not get that last load of laundry done - it can wait. What is her solution to relax and unwind?

One solution could be the scent of lavender. Lavender is calming and helps to bring feelings of wellness. It is known to reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and is even said to help decrease pain from headaches due to it's sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. The relaxing qualities of lavender also help the heart by reducing blood pressure and easing the tension on blood vessels.

It doesn't take but 5 - 15 minutes a day spending time with the aromatic scents of lavender to see benefits. Take the time moms - YOU ARE WORTH IT!!



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