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Our Story

I have always had a love for land. My grandmother grew up in the foothills of Tennessee where at a young age she took care of her siblings living off the land on her parents farm and later her own farm with her husband and children. As a child I remember visiting her farm with the hydrangeas just off the front porch that bloomed without fail every spring. The weeping willow that sat on the edge of the property marking where to slow down for the turn ahead, the towering oaks, the rows of "u-pick" strawberries and blueberries that neighbors flocked to each summer. It was like a dream. 

As I got older, I created scale drawings of my own dream farm with multiple varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables that one day I hoped to own. Fast forward 20 years, my husband and I now live in Florida on a 40-acre farm that has grown into that very childhood dream and has become the blessing I  never could have imagined.


Clayton Family Lavender Farm Chattanooga Tennessee.png

The vision of Sweetwater Farm morphed from livestock to lavender in 2018 after the devastating Category 5 Hurricane Michael passed through the region leaving the property completely destroyed. Livestock fences were down, the trees were gone and when it was time to rebuild I knew we needed a positive plan that would simply bring joy. With my previous event planning experience, working in the wedding industry I envisioned a space for people to not only gather and celebrate the most special moments of their life but also a place to help the community grow, provide agriculture based education and help Calhoun County rebuild stronger than before. Thus the idea of a Florida Lavender Farm was born.

We all knew it was a huge risk. At the time no one else had registered a lavender farm in all of Florida. Most ag departments said it was impossible to grow lavender in our state. After careful research trying different varieties as well as soil compositions, we found a lavender that was not only beautifully fragrant but also hardy in Florida's humid climate and sandy soil.



Working together with three generations of family, this farm is no longer a dream but a reality. I love living in our small town and want to pass my love of the land down to my children and generations to come. At the end of the day I know God has blessed me greatly and I want to share that blessing with others. Welcome to Sweetwater Farm. 

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