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Buy 1 Donate 1 Christopher friends | MONKEY

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Welcome to the Christopher Collection, a heartwarming initiative dedicated to shedding light on the urgent need for foster care families and providing comfort to children navigating uncertain times. At Sweetwater Farms, we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of these children by offering a gesture of solace and support.

Partner with us in spreading comfort and hope to children in foster care by joining our mission. With every purchase of our Christopher Collection lavender-infused plush animal and backpack for your loved ones, you can make a tangible difference in the life of a child in need. For each item you buy, we will donate a matching set to a child who has been removed from their home, ensuring they receive the same love and care.

Your purchase includes:

  • One Christopher Monkey, approximately 13 inches sitting down, handcrafted soft, cuddly and infused with the calming scents of Lavender.
  • A cotton drawstring backpack/tote with a front zipper pocket, providing a practical solution for carrying essentials.
  • A second Christopher friend, along with a matching backpack/tote, will be sent to a child in foster care as a heartfelt gift from you.

Join us in spreading stories of hope, love, and restoration for children in need. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and show these children that they are cherished and supported.

Handcrafted by: Sweetwater Lavender Farm Altha, FL

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