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Woodland Lavender Baby Car Seat GIFT BOX

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Introducing our thoughtfully curated Lavender Infused GIFT BOX, specially designed for your little one's travels. Crafted with care, this box brings together the soothing essence of lavender to create a calming atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing journey for your sweet bundle of joy.

Each box comes prepackaged and ready to gift, with the option for custom add-ons to tailor your experience even further.

Inside our Custom Curated Baby Car Seat Gift Box, you'll find:

  1. Woodland Baby Neck Boppy: A must-have for every parent on the go, our Woodland Baby Neck Boppy provides gentle support for your little one's neck during car rides or while lounging in bouncy seats. Infused with lavender buds and wheat seeds, both ends of this boppy release the calming aroma of lavender, creating a serene environment for your baby.
  2. Car Seat Strap Comfort Covers: Wrap your little one in comfort with our soft and plush strap covers, featuring coordinating prints to complement any car seat. These ultra-padded covers ensure your baby's comfort during every ride.
  3. Monster Spray: Banish bedtime monsters with a spritz of our Lavender Monster Spray, specially formulated to refresh linens with a delicate lavender fragrance. Perfect for revitalizing sheets, pillows, blankets, and more, this spray is made with pure lavender essential oil and is safe for use around children and pets.

Elevate your little one's travel experience with our Lavender Infused GIFT BOX, designed to bring peace and tranquility to every journey

Handmade Products of Sweetwater Lavender Farm in Altha, FL

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