SLF HorseEz Lavender Tack Attachment and 3 Detachable Ez Burlap Lavender Pouches | 3 month Supply

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SLF HorseEz is an equine lavender aromatherapy tack attachment. The Ez Burlap Pouch is filled with lavender to aid in calming your horse and offers a natural fly and bug deterrent for face, nose and eye areas. The Ez Burlap Pouch is detachable therefore a new one can be purchased every month to anyways ensure optimum scent. SLF HorseEz products are safe and effective to use during grooming, riding, lunging, turnout, shipping and other stressful situations.

SLF HorseEz comes in a natural fiber bag for storage when your horse is not wearing tack or many horse owners prefer to leave it attached to halters as they hang on stall doors for optimum aromatherapy benefits while not wearing tack in confined areas.

SLF HorseEz Lavender Tack Attachment is a "one size" that fits all. It can be applied to thicker leather tack as well as thin nylon tack. This attachment can also fit a range of sizes begininng at small Cobb and extending through large Full sizes. The weather resistant material is soft against your horse's nose for their comfort.

A Purchase of this particular product includes:

  • 3 Weather Resistant Tack Attachment Piece
  • 3 detachable Ez Burlap Pouches filled with lavender (three months of equine lavender aromatherapy)

SLF HorseEz is made exclusively by Sweetwater Farm in Altha, FL

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