Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Lavender Wrap | Light Lime Green Minkie Fabric

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Kick back and relax with this aromatic neck wrap!

Our hot/ cold aromatherapy lavender wraps are the perfect tool to relax and unwind with. Meticulously handcrafted in Florida with lavender and all-natural flaxseed, our neck wraps are designed to conform to the contours of your neck, back and shoulders or to other areas of the body where a heat or cold pack are needed. It's length is long enough to stay around your neck when moving about while providing instant stress relief.

This is the perfect gift - Get one for yourself and give one to a friend!

  • Place in the freezer for a soothing cold pack
  • Place in the microwave for stress relieving heat.
  • Made with all new materials and is approximately 20 inches in length.

A handcrafted product of: Sweetwater Farm, Altha, FL

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