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The Christopher Collection was created to help bring awareness to a need for foster care families and to help by sharing comfort to children who find themselves in need of foster care.

We would LOVE to partner with you to give a gift of comfort to help settle children in these times of turmoil as well as provide a backpack to carry necessary things to various locations as they relocate. We have created a Christopher Collection of premium plush stuffed animals that are weighted and infused with lavender grown here at Sweetwater Farms. We also know many children leave their homes without their belongings or a way to carry what they have, so we are including a cotton, zipper front, backpack to go along with every bear we provide. We hope the a soft bear and the calming scent of lavender will possibly ease the stress and anxiety these children face and leave them knowing they are loved.

How YOU can get involved...We would love for you to join us in this endeavor by offering a buy one, "gift" one opportunity. For any purchase of a Christopher Collection lavender infused plush animal & backpack for your loved ones we will donate a Christopher Brindle Bear and backpack to a child who has been removed from their home in foster care as a gift from YOU.

Your purchase will include:

  • One Christopher Panda, approximately 10 inches sitting down, soft cuddly fur filled with the calming scents of lavender sent to you or your loved one along with a cotton zippered front drawstring backpack.
  • A second Christopher Brindle Bear, approximately 10 inches sitting down, with Corduroy Feet & Ears and a Soft Cuddly Bear Skin filled with the calming scents of Lavender sent to a child in foster care as a gift from you along with a cotton zippered front drawstring backpack to carry essentials.

Thank you for joining us on our mission to highlight stories of HOPE, LOVE and RESTORATION for a child in need!

Handcrafted by: Sweetwater Lavender Farm Altha, FL

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